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Bamboo Cotton Swabs

These cotton buds are 100% bio-degradeable made from sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. 1 Box has 100 buds Imagine how many cotton swabs have ended up in ocean or in a landfill, polluting the earth taking hundreds foyers to degrade.

Bamboo Home and Travel Friendly Starter Kit

I’m not gonna fool you. It can be hard to start reducing and reusing. Zero waste is a challenge. Our kids get it, but for us, we have habits to undo. Make it easy on yourself.  This starter kit contains the easiest-to-implement reusable products. Prepackaged in a reusable bag. That you can reuse. Cool.

Bamboo Make Up Remover Cotton Round Pads

100% bamboo cotton face wipes are the kindest thing you can do for your face at the end of the day. Wipe away toxins and dirt with these little pads that fit into your hand as easily as the water you’re rinsing with. Comes in packs of 8, in a mesh bag that makes them easy for travel. You’ll always have a clean one on hand. Perfect for the diaper bag, the gym bag, the lunch bag, briefcase. Mesh bag measures 5” x 7”. Wipes measure 3” across. 2 Pink, 2 White, 2 Black, 2 Blue

Earth Therapeutics 4 Sided Filing Block (1x1Each)

Mani+cure Coarse. . . black sideMedium. . . blue sideFine. . . pink sideSuperfine. . . white sideThis unique filing block has four surfaces, from coarse to superfine. Perfect for smoothing down rough, dry skin and calluses. Also effective in sanding down rough edges around the nails.Not tested on animals. Save Recycle. Environmental Caring.

Earth Therapeutics 6X8 Lfa Ssl Bath Mitt (1x1Each)

Loofah is a natural vegetable cleansing sponge that exfoliates dead skin cells while a sisal a durable natural plant fiber improves circulation of blood throughout the body. A mainstay in Asian Baths, this 2 in 1 solution both helps to revitalize the skin and is the key to better health.

Earth Therapeutics Blossom White Body Sponge (1xSponge)

Save On Earth Therapeutics 1X Sponge Blossom White Body Sponge Not Your Average Pouf, This Mesh Sponge Is Super-Dense, With An Elastic Strap To Help You Get A Grip. Just Add Soap And Watch The Bubbles Double. : (Note: This Product Description Is Informational Only. Always Check The Actual Product Label In Your Possession For The Most Accurate Ingredient Information Before Use. For Any Health Or Dietary Related Matter Always Consult Your Doctor Before Use.)

Earth Therapeutics Blue Body Sponge (1x1Each)

This specially designed body sponge doubles the bubbles for a thorough and luxurious cleansing experience. The convenient hand strap secures the sponge snugly in place during cleansing. Earth Therapeutics uses only the best quality raw materials available. This ensures the smoothest feel as well as the highest safety ratings when coming in contact with skin. Not tested on animals. Product of Taiwan.

Earth Therapeutics Bristle Brush Mens(1x1EA )

Constructed of the finest quality natural bristles, this hair brush gently massages while evenly distributing the scalp's natural oils along the hair shaft and cleaning the hair follicles. Regular brushing will set hair to its naturally soft, lustrous sheen - healthier, more manageable, easier to style. 8.25 L x 2.75 W. Earth Therapeutics brings professional grade grooming to your fingertips.

Earth Therapeutics Bristle Brush Small (1x1EA )

Earth Therapeutics strives to make quality products that are effective, affordable and fun. Earth Therapeutics uses natural, organic ingredients--whether they're tried'n true traditional herbs or the latest laboratory breakthrough. The result is an enlightened collection of personal care items, free of frills and artificial additives.

Earth Therapeutics Exfol Body Sponge (1x1Each)

Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Body Sponge Description:For gentle cleansing, get back to basics with the exfoliating body sponge.Designed to build a rich lather, even with a small amount of soap, this sponge is the key to better health and hygiene.

Earth Therapeutics Exfol Hydrating Glv White (1x1Each)

Earth Therapeutics Exfoliating Hydro Gloves White Description:Helping hands in the slippery shower Gloves that exfoliate as they lather Available in White, Natural, Forest Green and Jade One size fits allHelping hands in the slippery shower. Gloves that exfoliate as they lather. One size fits all. Available in White, Natural, Forest Green and Jade. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Ingredients : Helping hands in the slippery shower. Gloves that exfoliate as they lather. One size fits all.

Earth Therapeutics Footsie Foot Brush (1x1Each)

Brush-Footsie Foot Brush by Earth Therapeutics 1 Brush Cute but effective. Boar's bristles sweep away dirt and debris on the soles nail bed and between the toes. Foot-shaped wood base is perfectly proportioned for easy grip and maneuvering.