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Acne Face Pack™ (Acne Face Kit With Tamanu Oil)

ACNE FACE PACK A powerful, face care treatment for acne, pimples and scarring. A natural acne treatment - fast and effective results! Contains: Facial Cleanser with Tamanu Oil , Facial Toner with Tamanu Oil, Honey & Pumice Exfoliant with Tamanu Oil, Face Moisturizer with Tamanu Oil and a 15ml Roll On bottle (refillable) of 100% pure Tamanu Oil, in a bio-degradable gift bag.

Black Clay Soap Pack™ (Pack of 4 small soaps – 50 grams each)

Pack of 4 small Black Clay Coconut Oil Soap Bars - No Ash.

Facial Cleansing Soap (With Tamanu Oil) 3.527 ounces or 100 grams

HANDMADE FACIAL SOAP Healthy, blemish-free skin always begins with a good quality soap. Vegan Face Care. Designed for deep cleansing of the face without the use of any harsh chemicals! A beautiful, chemical-free soap made from certified organic Tamanu oil and our pure Virgin Coconut Oil.

Facial Moisturizer With Tamanu Oil™ 4.565 ounces or 135ml

This face moisturizer with pure Tamanu Oil is a non comedogenic moisturizer - Ideal for anyone who seeks clear, blemish-free skin in a very short time. Prevents moisture loss and gives your skin a more youthful, glowing, healthy appearance.

Facial Toner (With Tamanu Oil) 4.56 ounces or 135ml

TAMANU OIL TONER Natural Face toner with certified organic Tamanu Oil and scented with Lavender and Rose Geranium. Removes excess oil, minimises open pores, cools, soothes and refreshes your skin. Vegan Facial Toner. Suitable for all skin types!

Frangipani Hand Moisturizer™ 4.565 ounces or 135ml

This natural, handmade moisturizer is specifically formulated to nourish and hydrate dry and sensitive hands. Time to take matters into your own hands!

Frangipani Hand Scrub™ (with Volcanic Ash) 4.565 ounces or 135ml

HAND CARE FOR SENSITIVE OR DRY HANDS Scented with this Frangipani and containing real volcanic ash, this all natural hand scrub cleanses and lightly exfoliates to maintain your hands in great condition. Scented with Frangipani Essential Oil.

Honey & Pumice Exfoliant™ (Facial Scrub With Tamanu Oil) 2.3 ounces or 60gm



Looking for the best face scrub, then look no further! This face skin care exfoliant, made from honey, micro-fine volcanic pumice powder, Tamanu Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil is very effective to prevent or remove skin blemishes.

Assists in anti-aging to keep your skin looking healthy.

Suitable for fine, sensitive skin and for anyone with extra greasy or oily skin.

Night Cream (with Tamanu oil) 4.56 ounces or 135ml

THE RIGHT NIGHT CREAM A natural, anti aging night cream enriched with super nourishing oils. Vegan Face Cream. Nourishing antioxidant night cream, rich in Coconut Oil & Tamanu Oil, Vegan Friendly. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and increase skin elasticity, hydration and restore smoothness.