About Musika


Musika is a multivendor community driven marketplace that provides a platform for small businesses to sell and promote sustainable products and a lifestyle of social responsibility. From online to in-store support, we’re in this together.

We believe that a marketplace can provide more than commerce; it can create opportunities to invest in our communities and in the lives of children because building a sustainable tomorrow starts with the young minds of today.

Through our mindful commerce we can create lasting resources in our communities to Empower, Educate, and Equip our youth for a happier and healthier world. Our Community forum and Local for Local News promotes social learning and responsible efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

EMPOWER: As a consumer, every dollar you spend empowers small businesses to increase their reach in the communities and helps our marketplace invest in local charities and programs.

EDUCATE: As a sellers, whether you’re just starting up or looking to expand your reach, we offer e-commerce tips, training, and networking events in your community. Additionally we organize store pick-up programs for brick and mortar companies. With no start up fees, you’ll have the support of a marketplace that cares about promoting your products and your mindful community efforts.

EQUIP: Our Mindful Athlete and Scholar programs offer opportunities for both sellers and consumers to connect with non-profit organizations in communities around the world to provide sports equipment and educational tools for children.