We are made of entrepreneurs who are passionate about life, family, people of all walks of life: we are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, we are your next door neighbor, your friend across town: we are a community of advocates for a more mindful way of life.

In order to sell your products on Musika you have to complete our Pre-Qualification form, to ensure that your product(s), your brand and Musika are a good match, once we review your information and determine you are eligible to sell on Musika we will send you an invite to complete your Vendor Registration.

  • We typically respond to Pre-qualification forms within minutes and review your application in the most time efficient manner, in most cases you will be able to complete the entire process the same day you submit your pre-qualification form.

Why? Musika strives to promote only the best of the best with an emphasis on sustainability, our goal is to keep the marketplace from being overrun by inferior products. We also seek to create an environment where our vendors have the most visibility and our consumer have good options to pick from but not too many. It’s about striking a balance.

  • Complete the Vendor Partner Prequalification form
  • Musika review and invites you to Complete the Vendor Registration
  • Complete the Vendor Registration
  • Set up your store (we are happy to assist and on standby if you need us)
  • Start Selling, don’t forget to add tags and attributes for each product
  • Share your unique Musika URL
  • Contribute to the blog and forum for added marketing
  • Participate in community events supported by Musika.

Buying on Musika is simple: all you need to do is join our growing family of conscious shoppers and community activists, from our home page click on create a free account, complete the simple form and soon you will have access to your own dashboard.

Your dashboard can be personalized and serves as your communication hub on Musika, from which you can manage your account, see your purchase history, view your wish list, manage your settings and lots of other cool functions.

Musika is 100% committed to ensuring that our consumers are getting the best support and products possible; we work directly with our vendors to take of you our customers. Each vendor sets their own return policy depending on their product offerings. You can read the return policy on each product before you make the purchase: all return policies are posted on the product page and vendor info. The bottom-line is should you have any issues with your purchase contact Musika through our 24/7 chat line where one of our Customer Service Agents will facilitate a resolution with the seller. We will help you to connect with the seller via email and through our chat.


Musika provides Customer Service that is second to none, and that is why we set up a live chat that is available to both consumers and vendors 24/7, except for Christmas day, New Years, Thanksgiving, Easter Sunday and 4th of July. Ask any questions about products or Musika in general. Our live chat allows you to ask questions about products and or Musika in general and request for further communication.

All vendors have access to a back office on Musika from which they can manage their respective stores from here they can generate return labels which are then emailed to consumers. Use the return label (pre-paid shipping) and the box your product came in the send back to the seller for an exchange or refund depending on their return policy or agreed upon outcome.

A refund is initiated as soon as a vendor receive the product back and can verify the reason for the return. How long it takes to post in your account depends on your specific bank and its policies. On average it could take up to 14 days. Musika and our vendor partners have no control over this timeline once the vendor processes the return. Please contact your local banker for assistance with timelines.

Our vendors get instant notifications when purchase requests are made and will in most cases process your order within minutes. The shipping depends on the selected shipping method: we offer a variety of options from over night to several weeks for products originating oversees. Musika will soon offer same day delivery using our courier service for items originating within a certain radius from the drop off location.

Musika takes security seriously and each day we are scanning the site for any potential issues, our site is as secure as major marketplaces and we will continue to bolster it. Our site meets all SSL requirements and more. We do not maintain any sensitive data on Musika.

The forum is your social network on Musika, designed to allow consumers and vendors to interact, share and learn, exchange product knowledge and offer each other support as a network. The forum gives all registered users to opportunity to positively contribute to the overall knowledge base. Vendors can host a forum topic with consumers contributing via comments.