Community Action

We’re dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering children. Join our efforts by setting up these programs in your community.

Mindful Athlete Program

To focus on perfecting that killer jump shot, or mind bending free kick, or that lightning serve, the aspiring young athlete in your community needs the proper equipment. With the help of local gyms and YMCA/YWCA institutions, we can mobilize the collection of barely used sports gear — that maybe another child out grew or changed their mind about playing a particular sport — and pass it on to the next generation of athletes in the community.

Mindful Scholar Program

Building a sustainable tomorrow starts with the young minds of today. Educate and inspire the young scholars in your community with books and materials that will allow them to solve the most profound questions of science, math, history, language arts, and engineering of our time. By coordinating with libraries and learning centers we can provide children with access to tutoring, mentorship programs, and career opportunities.

Box to Box

Boxes can multiple lives. Let’s make the most of them by recycling them for educational purposes; Like creating arts and science projects.

Bike It!

This is our way of transporting products to consumers in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. But we can also mobilize the delivery of equipment for both of our Mindful programs to children in the community.

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Join our Community

Charity Begins at home: We at Musika are form believers in the positive impact that mindful living can have on the over health of mother earth. The most effective strategy is to start them young. Our focus is on getting the youth out gardening and getting the hands dirty while learning about caring for plants and the role they play in healing our planet: ” A positive aspect of gardening is that it allows for oxygen to be put back into the atmosphere. … Gardening allows for plants to intake carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the environment. Plants have a positive impact on humans and creatures because it increases production of oxygen supply” : source :

We can all play a part in pushing for change that will help our Earth heal for our children and future generations. We owe it to them.