Musika answers the need for a new global market; one that is made up of companies that are 100% committed to preserving the earth’s resources, the empowerment of its people and providing goods that are of the highest quality!


No monthly fees. No set up fees.

By stripping the fat off the cost of business we can empower the vendors to invest back into the marketplace and local community. We can still be profitable and support vendor’s selling experience. Our philosophy; More the vendor keeps in pocket the more likely to give back into the marketplace; which means stronger profit margins.

Additional marketing from Musika through our forum

We provide the vendor with the marketplace and tools to be sufficient shop. Gives them a chance to really get to know their consumers. Genuine feedback. Network with other vendors. Opportunity to promote your products in 25 countries. Utilize our Musika ambassadors in each country to optimize your business. Opportunity to connect with local community and give back.

Local market exclusivity

Streamlining the number of choices of product categories. ie. limits vendor’s unnecessary excessive inventory; more visibility. Prioritizing the quality of products over the quantity. Access to additional branding and marketing services from Musika’s RPS parent company. Vendors and products featured on homepage.


Let’s say you’re looking for some toddler toys and clothes that can be educational and environmentally safe? Instead of mall shopping or spending hours searching online, visit Musika and discover hand crafted toys from artisans in Zimbabwe or Mexico or a small town in Denmark.

Same with clothing, crafts, beauty and grooming products. All created and promoted by vendors who take pride in their products and business practices.

And as a vendor, you just gained a loyal consumer. Together you can do amazing things.

Sellers and Consumers can gather in our COMMUNITY FORUM to invest in communities around the world.