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Beverage Server Dispenser Capacity: 5 Gallon Insulated

This insulated beverage carrier can effectively keep your drinks warm or cold, bringing a convenient lifestyle!   The seamless double-walled shell and polyurethane material ensure excellent sealing and insulation of our beverage carrier, which can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 4 hours. 5 gallon capacity allows you to place lots of hot or cold drinks

Water Cooler Dispenser 3-in-1 With 3 Temperature Settings & Built-In Ice Maker

This water dispenser is equipped with a 2.5L hot water tank and a 0.8L cold water tank.   It has 3 uses-- hot water, cold water and ice dispenser. The hot water temperature is ≥ 194°F while the cold water dispenser is ≦ 46.4°F. And each 6-min ice making cycle produces 12 blocks of ice cubes