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Black Clay Soap Pack – No Ash

This mineral-rich clay, soap pack offers the following benefits:
  • helps purify & detoxify your skin;
  • removes excess oil & helps prevent mild acne;
  • clears congested pores;
  • replenishes & tightens the epidermis;
  • plumps up your skin at the cellular level.

Coconut Oil Soap Pack

Gentle, Desiccated Exfoliating Soap Pack Natural, organic Coconut Oil Soap bars for: • cleansing and moisturizing your skin; • gentle exfoliation; • sensitive skin.  

Frangipani Soap Pack

Handmade, Frangipani Scented Products Soap Pack of natural coconut oil soaps high in antioxidants to fight age and designed to:
  • Tone and balance skin;
  • Detoxify skin by removing impurities;
  • Fight minor acne and pimple-causing bacteria;
  • Reduce oiliness and control shine;
  • Moisturize & nourish your skin; and
  • Give your skin a fresh, uplifting feel and smell.

Lemongrass – Pack of 4 (small) Soaps

SKIN-BALANCING SOAP PACK These Lemongrass Soaps are soft, handmade, coconut oil soaps that:- • Help balance & tone your skin; • Reduce oiliness and control shine; • Fight pimple-causing bacteria; • Balance & tone your skin; • Remove impurities & helps detoxify skin; • Contain natural antioxidants to fight to age; • Are anti-microbial, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial; • Moisturize & nourish your skin.

Molten Lava Soap

Natural coconut oil soap handmade using premium grade, Virgin Coconut Oil and manufactured by Volcanic Earth A natural, handmade soap bar  that: • Helps deliver a blemish-free skin; • Is designed for deep cleansing; • Cleanses and moisturizes your skin naturally; • Is high in antioxidants for good skin health; • Animal and environmentally-friendly; A true, handmade Virgin Coconut Oil soap. 95grams or 3.35oz Vegan and environmentally friendly Suitable for all skin types and skin color Product of Vanuatu, South Pacific

Tamanu Oil Soap Bar – Single Handmade Soap Bar

Many commercial soaps are actually detergent soaps with harsh, chemical ingredients. While the law allows these “fake” soaps to be classified as soap, the long term benefits of using a natural soap far outweigh the $ savings of buying these cheaper, detergent soaps and include

Tamanu Soap (Small) – Pack Of 4 Soaps

According to customer reviews, Volcanic Earth Tamanu Soap is the best natural soap for dry, oil, sensitive or combination skin because they are handmade from Virgin Coconut Oil and pure Tamanu Oil – two of the super beauty oils of skin care.
Most consumers are aware of the skin benefits of coconut oil soaps but they may not be familiar with the potent benefits of Tamanu Oil. You can learn more about what Tamanu Oil is good for here.

Volcanic Ash Black Soap Pack

Let’s be clear – Volcanic Ash is not Bentonite Clay, volcanic sand or volcanic pumice. Volcanic Ash comes straight out of the volcano as does volcanic pumice. However, pumice is as light as a feather and comes in small pebble sizes up to quite large, single rocks. Volcanic Ash, while it is feels and appears like black sand, it isn’t. Volcanic ash is made up of finely crushed particles under 2mm (.079 inches) and may be as small as 0.0025 inches (or 0.0635mm). Oh and it’s not really Volcanic Dust either as “ash” and “dust” are classified by a specific size of the “Tephra” and “Pyroclastics” (terms used to describe igneous rock material ejected from active volcanoes). Volcanic dust particles are less than 0.063 mm (0.0025 inches).

Volcanic Ash Cleansing Soap For Face

A natural, handmade, black face soap made from Virgin Coconut Oil and Volcanic Ash that: • Helps deliver a blemish-free complexion. • Is designed for deep cleansing of your face. • Ideal for acne, whiteheads, small bumps • Works to also exfoliate dead skin cells. • Minimize the effects of excess oil production. • A true lye soap – no detergents soaps here! 3.175 ounces or 90 grams Product Of Vanuatu, South Pacific

Volcanic Man Shaving Soap And Dish

Best Men’s Natural Shaving Soap For Sensitive Skin
Be aware of the toxic ingredients in many aerosol-based shaving creams from carcinogens, neurotoxins, and very harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, butane, and xylene which are used to force the shaving foam out of the can.
Where do you think all these empty aerosol cans end up?
What about other chemical-based shaving soaps? Are they really “soaps”? Well, the law allows the manufacturer and sellers to call them soaps but the reality is that a more accurate term to describe them is “detergent soaps”. These are not only bad for your skin but also for the environment as these chemicals end up down the drain.

Volcanic Pumice Soap

Volcanic pumice and coconut oil make for a very effective, exfoliating soap for large hands, workers’ and gardeners’ hands. This exfoliating Volcanic Pumice Soap is a natural, coconut oil soap that:- • Removes dead skin cells; • Is high in antioxidants for good skin health; • Deeply cleanses and purifies; • Hydrates your skin naturally; • Is vegan and environmentally-friendly. • Can also be used as an exfoliating body soap. A single, handmade soap that is ideal for the removal of dirt and grime while moisturizing at the same time. 95grams or 3.35oz Product of Vanuatu, South Pacific

ORS Olive Oil (Coconut oil) – Nourishing Sheen Spray – 11.7 oz

The Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray adds a beautiful Add Shine without weighing down the hair. It provides Add Shine while restoring the hair natural balance. ORS Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray is a non-greasy sheen enhancer created to restore the hair natural moisture balance. A blend of Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and herbal extracts provide new life to all hair textures. This product is free of fluorocarbons and drying alcohols. It won't fog or bead like other sheen sprays, and it will not weigh hair down. Key Features: Use daily for added luster and softness. Helps to lock-in moisture for any textured hair style. Use on braids to add a healthy sheen. Shake well before use. Hold can 10" to 12" from hair and spray as desired.