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Advanced Rock Tumbler Kit

Discover and learn the fun process of rock tumbling with the Advanced Rock Tumbler. Pour in the rough stones and grit and let the machine do its job.

Arts & Crafts Vault

Your complete arts and crafts set with over 1,000 pieces to create and craft. Packaged and stored in a beautiful 2-drawer case.

Basic Crystal Science Kit

Let your child feel like a real chemist mixing the special ingredients and watching the crystal grow day by day. And when you're done, display it on the display case for all to admire!

Capture The Flag Game Light-up Version

Capture the Flag is over 100 years old and is often played with nothing but a couple of old rags as flags and sticks on the ground to mark jails and territory borders.

Combat Arena Inflatable Battle Obstacles Set

Add extra adventure and danger to your epic foam blasting, laser tag, dart gun, or water gun battles with inflatable barriers that will turn your house or backyard into a complex combat zone.

Craft ‘n Clay Jewelry Dish Making Kit for Kids

Roll the clay, form into shape, paint and adorn with the all-inclusive kit and create 3 designer clay jewelry or trinket dishes. Mix and Match the colors or styles to make it unique.

Create Your Own Dino Clay Models

Are you a dinosaur fan? Then what could be more fun than creating your own dinosaurs? Start with the skeleton, coat it in clay - playing around with the colors however you like.

Dig a Dozen Fossil Brick Kit

Feel like a real paleontologist excavating up unique fossils from the bricks. Find dinosaur bones, coprolite, shark vertebrae, and much more!

Dig a Dozen Gem Blocks

Let your child feel like a real pearl harvester digging up genuine pearls buried in the clay 'oyster' and then create a stunning pearl bracelet that they can call their own!

Dig a Dozen Safari Animals Kit

Feel like a real archaeologist excavating up unique animals from the eggs. Find a tiger, polar bear, elephant, and much more! Once dug up, find the appropriate card describing the history and characteristics of the animal.

Dig Kit Dig a Dozen Dino Eggs

Feel like a real paleontologist excavating up unique toy dinosaurs from the dino eggs.

Dig Kit Jumbo Dino Egg

Feel like a real paleontologist excavating up unique toy dinosaurs from the giant dino egg.