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2 Piece Steel Straw Set


Bamboo Home and Travel Friendly Starter Kit

I’m not gonna fool you. It can be hard to start reducing and reusing. Zero waste is a challenge. Our kids get it, but for us, we have habits to undo. Make it easy on yourself.  This starter kit contains the easiest-to-implement reusable products. Prepackaged in a reusable bag. That you can reuse. Cool.

Glass Straw Set

Not kid friendly. You’re the one that gets to have fun with all the fruit bits coming up the straw and bursting in to flavour in your mouth. They can watch enviously. Tell them you’ll get them a set when they move out.

Smoothie Straw Mini Set


Smoothie Straw Set

Smoothies aren’t always smooth, you know. Sometimes those berries don’t get fully blended. Sometimes a banana bit can try to surprise your mouth. You’ll be completely prepared with your smoothie straw. No more plugged straws. Your get-up-and-go smoothie will get you going.

Stainless Steel Straw Set with Hard Case

If there’s going to be a highbrow straw kit, this is it. A variety of straws for a variety of uses. Large for smoothies. Slim for juices.
Or, Margaritas and Bellinis, whatever works. You casually dip into your handbag or backpack and slowly pull out a sleek case. You press the clip with your fingernail and delicately choose the best straw for the job at hand. Because you are classy like that.

Telescopic Straw Set

Seriously, the Coolest Cool Straw thus far! Perfect for back to school, loot bags, fund raising efforts! Steel case with easy clip for lunch bags or backpacks.