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Go Away Lice Bar & Drying Rack – Volcanic Earth

Same GO AWAY LICE Bar, just with a wooden drying tray to keep the head lice shampoo bar dry.  

Go Away Lice Kit™ – Volcanic Earth

This non-toxic, “Go Away Lice Treatment Kit” has been specifically formulated with Quassie Wood to kill head lice and their eggs effectively and safely. Y  

Go Away Lice Shampoo Bar – Volcanic Earth

This patent-pending GO AWAY LICE shampoo bar contains Quassia Amara Extract, a natural, botanical powder extract from Brazil that is proven to kill both head lice and their eggs.  

Hibiscus Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioner Bars – Volcanic Earth

This natural shampoo and conditioner pack is non-toxic, environmentally friendly & vegan-friendly. Suitable for all hair types.  

Hibiscus Hair Conditioner Bar – Volcanic Earth

Equal to 3 bottles of normal hair conditioner provided you keep it dry on a soap tray to drain. This natural conditioner bar is non-toxic, environmentally sustainable & vegan-friendly.  

Hibiscus Shampoo Bar – Volcanic Earth

This shampoo bar is specially formulated with Hibiscus, Organic Cocoa Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Lavender, and Cedarwood Essential Oils as purity is so important if you want healthy hair.