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Children’s Book Doggy Clause / Perro Noel

A new bilingual (English/Spanish) holiday tale about Santa's dog named Jingle. When Jingle discovers that Santa only delivers presents to boys and girls and not dogs, he takes off on Santa's sleigh, intent to deliver presents to all the dogs, especially ones in shelters with no family. By the end, he learns that there's something dogs want even more than presents on Christmas.

Children’s Book El Perro Con Sombrero Meets Los Gatos Con Gelatos

In this story, Pepe discovers that his owner, little Lucia, forgot her homework assignment and goes on a mad dash to bring it to her at school before the bell rings. However, a gang of mischievous ice cream loving cats that call themselves Los Gatos con Gelatos have other plans for Pepe! Ages 3-8.

Picture Book A Marvelous Mexican Misunderstanding Worldwide Buddies (6 Pack) (6 pack)

Let your little ones experience the Day of the Dead, and marvel at Mexico's culture while unraveling young Adri's heartwarming, gripping misunderstanding!

Picture Book China’s Child Worldwide Buddies (6 pack)

For as long as she could remember, Mei Ling wanted a baby brother. She asked and asked, and wished and wished, yet nothing happened. Until one day… she came up with a plan!