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Bamboo Cutlery & Straw Travel Kit

I’d like to think that my Great Aunt Mabel would have several of these kits in the closet where she kept a selection of gifts to give, “just in case”. Truly versatile and great for all ages, these travel kits come with their own travel bag. Bamboo utensils are sturdier than plastic counterparts, and easy to clean as well! The straw is accompanied by a cleaning brush.

Bamboo Straw Set of 6

With over 57 Million plastic straws going to landfills in Canada each day, why not try natural & bio-degradeable bamboo straws? Certainly a talking piece around a restaurant table, fun and eco-friendly alternative. These straws re long-lasting, dishwasher or sink wash safe. Set includes: 6 Bamboo Straws Tan linen pouch Cleaning brush”