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Aftershave Splash Volcanic Man – Volcanic Earth

Volcanic Man Aftershave Splash is a naturally scented, spicy, and masculine men’s aftershave lotion.  

Bath Oil Coconut & Vanilla Scented

This coconut body and bath oil is beautiful Virgin Coconut Oil is scented with Lime and Vanilla made within 1-3 hours of cracking the coconuts and is very high in natural antioxidants.

Black Clay Soap Pack – No Ash

This mineral-rich clay, soap pack offers the following benefits:
  • helps purify & detoxify your skin;
  • removes excess oil & helps prevent mild acne;
  • clears congested pores;
  • replenishes & tightens the epidermis;
  • plumps up your skin at the cellular level.

Coconut Oil Soap Pack

Gentle, Desiccated Exfoliating Soap Pack Natural, organic Coconut Oil Soap bars for: • cleansing and moisturizing your skin; • gentle exfoliation; • sensitive skin.  

CocoVan Triple Pack

his CocoVan Triple Pack is comprised of our 135ml Coconut Ash Scrub, our 135ml Coconut Bath Oil and our 135ml Coconut, Lime, and Vanilla Moisturizer.

Frangipani Scented Coconut Oil

This Frangipani scented virgin coconut body oil offers benefits for all skin and hair types.

Frangipani Soap Pack

Handmade, Frangipani Scented Products Soap Pack of natural coconut oil soaps high in antioxidants to fight age and designed to:
  • Tone and balance skin;
  • Detoxify skin by removing impurities;
  • Fight minor acne and pimple-causing bacteria;
  • Reduce oiliness and control shine;
  • Moisturize & nourish your skin; and
  • Give your skin a fresh, uplifting feel and smell.

Go Away Lice Bar & Drying Rack – Volcanic Earth

Same GO AWAY LICE Bar, just with a wooden drying tray to keep the head lice shampoo bar dry.  

Go Away Lice Kit™ – Volcanic Earth

This non-toxic, “Go Away Lice Treatment Kit” has been specifically formulated with Quassie Wood to kill head lice and their eggs effectively and safely. Y  

Go Away Lice Shampoo Bar – Volcanic Earth

This patent-pending GO AWAY LICE shampoo bar contains Quassia Amara Extract, a natural, botanical powder extract from Brazil that is proven to kill both head lice and their eggs.  

Hibiscus Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioner Bars – Volcanic Earth

This natural shampoo and conditioner pack is non-toxic, environmentally friendly & vegan-friendly. Suitable for all hair types.  

Hibiscus Hair Conditioner Bar – Volcanic Earth

Equal to 3 bottles of normal hair conditioner provided you keep it dry on a soap tray to drain. This natural conditioner bar is non-toxic, environmentally sustainable & vegan-friendly.