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Children’s Book Counting Sea Life With The Little Seahorse

AUTOGRAPHED! Dive under the waves with the Little Seahorse as he takes you on a magical underwater adventure while counting the beautiful sea creatures that he encounters. Children will delight in the amazing variety of sea life they can learn about and have fun finding and counting them as more and more appear with each turn of the page. Grown-ups are sure to laugh along with their children at the hilarious illustrations and tongue-twisting wordplay. And wait until you see the special surprise at the end!

Children’s Book Dinosaur Derby

A wacky, edge-of-your-seat race that also teaches fun facts about dozens of Dinos. Guaranteed fun for your little ones/s.

Children’s Book Doggy Clause / Perro Noel

A new bilingual (English/Spanish) holiday tale about Santa's dog named Jingle. When Jingle discovers that Santa only delivers presents to boys and girls and not dogs, he takes off on Santa's sleigh, intent to deliver presents to all the dogs, especially ones in shelters with no family. By the end, he learns that there's something dogs want even more than presents on Christmas.

Children’s Book El Perro Con Sombrero Meets Los Gatos Con Gelatos

In this story, Pepe discovers that his owner, little Lucia, forgot her homework assignment and goes on a mad dash to bring it to her at school before the bell rings. However, a gang of mischievous ice cream loving cats that call themselves Los Gatos con Gelatos have other plans for Pepe! Ages 3-8.

Children’s Book Exploring The Garden With The Little Rose

Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose is based on the #1 best-selling book, The Little Rose, and takes children on an educational adventure! Your little one will have fun learning the alphabet and identifying the plants and animals of the garden while exploring our natural world alongside the Little Rose.

Children’s Book My Homework Ate My Dog

In the spirit of Harry Potter and Goosebumps, eleven-year-old Rudy Berkman discovers he has magical powers, and he'll need them to rescue his beloved dog "Beast" from an evil wizard. An exciting and spooky middle-grade novel, perfect for Grades 3-6.

Children’s Book Principal Mikey

A hilarious S.T.E.A.M. chapter book for fans of Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries, this heartwarming story is perfect for any 7-12 year old. Hardcover. Ages 7-12

Children’s Book Simon and The Solar System

An award-winning STEM book that teaches children about the planets and the sun. Young Simon Beck is terrified of the next day's astronomy test. But then a friendly alien named Neil Newton zooms into his room and takes him on a tour of the solar system he will never forget.

Children’s Book The Grossest Picture Book Ever

Welcome to the town of Gross, where everyone is trying to out-gross one another and you won't believe what you see... especially on the grossest day ever. We guarantee you will LOL with the turn of each page, while learning valuable environmental lessons along the way. If you love to laugh (and have a strong stomach) this is the book for you!

Children’s Book The Little Dragon

This enchanting story helps kids recognize and express their big feelings in healthy ways, and teaches us all that dancing and life are better with friends.

Children’s Book The Little Firefly

The Little Firefly is an enchanting tale about a late-blooming firefly who can't wait to be all grown up. When all the other fireflies are glowing except for the Little Firefly, she discovers that true friends will love and support her just the way she is. This charming story helps kids learn about love, friendship, and acceptance.

Inspiration Journal My Bliss Book

My Bliss Book is designed to help you create more magic, passion, and aliveness in your life while achieving your wildest dreams! For the next 12 weeks, commit yourself to complete your daily My Bliss Book journal pages and see how your life magically transforms as you apply pure intention, strategic focus, and inspired action, giving you the foundation to create a truly extraordinary life.