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Learning Bundle Wipe & Write Early Learner Activity Sheets

Suitable for ages 3-6 years old, four of Skillmatics’ Bestselling Early Childhood Educational Activity Packs are now bundled together to maximize your savings!

Learning Game Wipe & Write “I Can Write” Activity Sheets

Skillmatics “I Can Write” pack has specially designed activities that build fine motor skills and improve pen control.

Learning Game Wipe & Write Boredom Busters Activity Sheets

Skillmatics Boredom Buster is the perfect companion to keep your little one occupied.

Learning Game Wipe & Write Brain Teasers Activity Sheets

Skillmatics Brain Teasers will teach children to use a ‘creative thinking and reason approach’ when faced with challenges.

Learning Game Wipe & Write Math Masters Activity Sheets

Skillmatics Math Master facilitates the mastery of the math processes through practice. The activities are highly challenging and make the process of learning math super fun!

Learning Game Wipe & Write Pre-Math & Numbers Activity Sheets

Skillmatics Premath and Numbers is the perfect way to build a strong foundation for learning math.

Learning Game Wipe & Write Preschool Alphabet & Numbers Activity Sheets

Recognizing letters & numbers and being able to write them correctly is an important learning milestone for preschoolers.

Learning Game Wipe & Write Preschool Champion Activity Sheets

Skillmatics Preschool Champion is the perfect way to prepare your children for primary school. This holistic pack has 17 repeatable activities covering everything from Animals to Routines.

Learning Game Wipe & Write Shapes & Patterns Activity Sheets

Shapes and Patterns are the foundational roots of learning in the early years. Skillmatics Shapes and Patterns cover over 11 shapes through fun learning activities!

Learning Game Wipe & Write Space Explorers Activity Sheets

Space is an incredible and mysterious topic, which has always fascinated young minds.