10 Benefits of Yoga

The spiritual practice of yoga entails lots of focus and discipline but in return you will gain plenty of benefits from this type of exercise.

  1. When practicing yoga, you stretching your muscles, which improves your flexibility 
  2. Strengthens your core muscles by keeping your body stabilized in each pose and when switching poses 
  3. Helps prevent neck pain, back pain and joint problems by correcting your posture 
  4. Helps protect your spine with backbends, forward bends, and twisting.
  5.  You hold your own weight which strengthens your bones, helping ward off osteoporosis 
  6. Keeps you oxygenated by increasing your blood flow, different poses get your blood circulating to different places in the body 
  7. Gets your heart rate up which lowers the possibility of having a heart attack
  8. Yoga has been told to relieve depression and make you happier by multiple doctors 
  9. Builds awareness and opens your mind to transformation
  10. Yoga encourages self care and mindfulness

Laetitia Tempelman, October 10, 2019

Richard Fogoros, Updated on October 08, 2019

Carol Krocoff, Ellen Saltonstall, Updated April 12, 2017 / Original July 24, 2013

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