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9 Health Benefits of Bamboo

Do you know the wide variety of health benefits bamboo has to offer?

  1. Bamboo shoots help with digestion due to it being high in dietary fibre
  2. If you clean wounds or injuries using Bamboo the healing process is almost instant
  3. Stomach disorders can be treated with Bamboo shoots or bamboo leaves 
  4. Bamboo shoots provide essential nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants
  5. Bamboo can help you keep your skin clear because it contains antibacterial properties to help eliminate acne 
  6. Drinking Bamboo leaves tea will make help hair and nail growth due to bamboos high level of silica  
  7. Bamboo contains high fiber resulting in reducing high blood pressure and high sugar level 
  8. Bamboo shoots are high in phytonutrients getting phenolic acids into your body, which helps protect you from heart diseases
  9. Bamboo plants in the Bambusoideae family is a good source of protein for your cats and dogs

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